Why wait?

Keep waiting till eyes start to droop
Keep staring till the light goes dim
Keep holding the lamp till oil runs out
Do it again and again
Keep waiting for you are silly
A fool you are!
You believe what they say
You trust them in every way
They let you down
Always and always!
Yet you wait
And keep waiting
You hope
And keep hoping
You bow everytime
You dont hold your ground
You are pathetic and you know it
Yet you wait and say
“Once a friend, always a friend”.
Why be the bait
When you can escape
Why you choose pain to gain?
Be a little selfish
Help yourself on
Beat them all
By not waiting and not going along

13 thoughts on “Why wait?

      1. happens with me too.. but im matured enough 🙂 never take them to your to your heart fully.. 🙂

      2. Yes, Dont expect anything from anybody in turn.. And dont do anything expecting something in turn.. it hurts a lot..

      3. hmm understood.. But dont know how to explain..but feel you are born new everyday.. then everything will be a new life 🙂

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