Somehow Seen

Somehow she managed to smile, to look peaceful on the outside when there was a war inside.

Somehow she made everyone’s day while hers had been marked dead, made them smile while it had been ages since she had smiled herself.

Somehow she pulled herself together when she was broken to pieces just to save others from falling apart, to make them strong, to help them hold on.

Somehow she lived each day with people who would never miss her other than the time when they needed her.

Somehow she still  lived with the truth that people only took advantage of her patience and perseverance. She still managed not to appear hurt and smile throughout.

Somehow the person who smiled and smiled, didnt feel the tears leaking from her eyes. No one saw those tears.

No one.

But me.

When I saw her tears, I fell to my knees.

Her tears were pure, they were real

She was hurt and in pain

No one saw her, no one knew her

They all claimed to be her friend but she was alone and no one realised that

Pity on her. Shame on them

When I saw her tears, my heart broke.

My pain was so sharp but it was a fraction of her pain which touched me

I died a little inside knowing her struggles, her hurdles

The sorrows she beared, the pains she took

The walk she walked, the talks she talked!

I couldnt see her this way and I turned away

Leaving her with the black shadows

Somehow she managed to live in them

Somehow she managed to remain unseen

To stay hidden

16 thoughts on “Somehow Seen

      1. Your wound will come.

        Poems lost
        Within the maze
        Of an emotional

        Long may my
        Heart be broken.

        A broken heart
        Is an open heart.

        This is the wound
        I always wished.

        This is the Gift.

        The river runs
        Through me now.

        Wild and free.

      2. the wound is a curse
        not a wish
        a broken heart can never be a gift
        all you have is pain
        the river of sorrows that bathe your soul
        flowing freely, making you numb

  1. This resonates with me. I can relate. All you have to do to stay hidden is smile and mean it… and there is always something to smile about, even in the darkness. If you do this most people will never venture anywhere near the hurting you. You will remain “safe,” as you slowly die inside.

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