My Favourite Book.

I did mention a few years ago about a book named “Kane And Abel” by Jeffery Archer. I salute that man for such an outstanding book about hoteliers and bankers, prejudice and rivalry. I am deeply connected to this book. I read it first time when I was 13 years old and shared it wid Dad. We both fell in love with the book. Personally, I fell in love with William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski ( Wladek ). Both the characters are so strong and brutal at the same time. Kane backed Abel in money for the hotels and Abel saved Kane’s life during the war. Both were square. What I loved about the book was the love between their children, Richard and Florentyna.
Today, after reading the book again after 5 years, I must say I didnt like the ending at all. I felt sorry that Kane and Abel didnt get to talk. Because of their blind hatred and prejudice, they remained in the dark. They didnt even see their children for years because of the mutual feud.
I wanted the end to be different. I wanted Abel to know that it was Kane who backed him when he needed it. As that was the rootcause of Abel’s hatred.
I wanted them to be friends, have family dinners and end their lives in bliss of being relatives.

I wanted Abel to get back his castle. I felt awful about Abel’s awful childhood, how much he suffered in the dungeons. The Baron died rather rotted away in front of his eyes. His sister was killed so awfully. After returning to his childhood home, I wanted his mother to recognise him, to hug him, to love him. I wanted Zaphia to be more understanding and support him in his endeavours. She turned out to be aloof to his success. I didnt get her attitude. And most of all, I wanted Henry Osborne to die for all that he made Anne suffer. I felt awful about her death. She gave up all her money for Henry, the dog. He gambled it all away!  And made her pregnant even when she had been strongly advised not to. That part was not good at all.

Best part about this book was the fact that two people, born in two ends of the world with different backgrounds and stories and struggles, crossed paths in such a sinister manner and almost succeeded in ruining each other.

Abel shiuldnt have humiliated Kane in his old age by dismissing him as the Chairman of the Lester’s bank. But then Kane shouldnt have leaked the secrets about Abel’s illegal activities which were the sole doings of Osborne. Both were harsh and set to destroy each other.

I loved their inspiring way of achieving success. It almost makes me want to go for banking or hotel management. Haha. Not so easy as Mr Archer made it look.


Nonetheless, I adore this book. Its my all time favourite and I doubt my opinion will ever change. I will hold this book in my heart forever.


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