Burning The Midnight Oil


The light diminishing, darkness engulfing me
Surrounding me, causing me to retreat
The shadows play tricks, I shy away from them
I strike a match and light the lamp
Pour the oil and wait
Haunting my dreams, the dark reigns the room
My fears raise their heads, I bow to them
They scare me and I submit myself to them
Looking around, on my guard
I sit straight as I wait for the sun
To show its face, to end the agony
For I am burning the midnight oil by the window
Staring at the horizon for the first streak of its glow.


14 thoughts on “Burning The Midnight Oil

  1. As u say…thanks a lot..perhaps i wz lukin 4wd to learn sumthin frm u…but az u said u dunn like helpin…az it cud lead to a pointless discussion…m sorry for annoying u..may u fulfill ua drmz…Allah Hafiz..

  2. πŸ™‚ well satisfied ummmm u can say some what…bdw may i ask u something…and hey u said abt not having an ego …but jenaab ego is in all of us..infact ego iz just what we absorb from our surroundings and create out our individuality from that…but yes that individuality differs from 1 person to the other..yet i would say your thought is proliferic i.e out of one dimension it covers all aspects…RIP

  3. Hahaha…so miss spectromaniac..i hope u dunn mind on me kollin u dat…first..a glimpse 2 ua smiley ..n it showz gratitude..n d other thing iz dat yupp..ua right evy 1 haz hiz way…i wud better not interrupt Over dat..but 1 thing is der in my mind…dat in ua poem till d seknd last line u show ua tuff reluktance wid d dark and az d mornin showz up..u juszz lett all ua image go…i mean pardon me iff m wrong..u carry an attitude from start till d end,,but at d last line u give away ua witheld strength az soon az u see a ray of hope az i can see wat iz d meaning of glow n horizon…so it cud hav been… i stare at d horizon gazing itz lyt……. gaspin me slowly wid itz plyt…n diz iz wea ou efforts dunn spoil for i hav burnt d midnyt oil…pardon me iff i tried to hurt ua ego or anythin…cuz we writerz hav got a self symbiotic ego in us…n m eagerly waitin 4 reply to dis one…

    1. first, you didnt hurt my “ego” as i dont have one. second, please write full words, i can hardly make out what you have written.
      third, coming to your reply, you are looking at a scene where the person is tired of being in the dark. He has been too long surviving in it that he will give way any moment. he is eagerly waiting for dawn so that the light will surround him and drive away the shadows hence his fears. he has been struggling throughout the night with his fears and as soon as he sees light on the horizon, he breathes a sigh of relief and lets go. here the room is the life, the shadows are the ups and downs, the sorrows of life. horizon is the hope and the ray of light is his savior. i hope you are satisfied. πŸ™‚

  4. My literature is nt enough to say somthing about dis speechless….those poems of uwrs r realy striking my heart

  5. First Asalaam u Alaikum…
    If itz uas…probably wat i believe it shud b…den i must say..i have 2 words 4 u …’Juszz Awesome’..perhaps…i wud say m none to commnt but still..u write beautiful..n ua wordz hav got many meanings therein..az i cud notice hereof ..but the clarity of ua thot iz juszz sumthin datz gettin a bit mislead along d way…hope u reply n enlighten me…frnn ov uas (Shabaak)

    1. My thoughts are quite different. I dont just circle my thoughts around myself. They are around the people who affect me. People I meet on a daily basis. People who care for me. Those who hate me ( i am sure there are!)
      My thoughts are not towards one direction. Its a spectrum. πŸ™‚

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