Smooth Patches Along The Rough Road

Honestly speaking, I love a handful of people who are in my life. They make me feel better. Sanna and Madeeha, thanks chaddi buddies for being there.
Madee, I am sorry I attacked you with water but you were feeling very hot and this was the least I could do. 😉
I love you more for that chips you got for me. Thank you!
Thanks for dropping by and making me feel that I am not alone after all. Being with you, I can.laugh at my troubles like they are pebbles. You made it easier. Thanks. And I promise I will be there for you, always. I wont run away because of my insecurities. Never.
Thanks for making my day. Thank you.
Loads of Love

2 thoughts on “Smooth Patches Along The Rough Road

  1. Well, ain’t I the lucky one who gets showers of love in summer heat?
    And thank you for saying you’d be there, cause even if you won’t be, I’ll still remember this and smile. 🙂
    And then, yeah, I am gay for blog posts. XP
    So more thanks for this sweetness!

    More love to you.

    P.S: You’re not in anything alone, Shifa, the Naseer. 😉

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