My Happy Place 2

I once saw a dream, a dream I wish could come true. I was there where we all want to be. A place of pure divinity. A world of my wishes. A place where I could smile without being conscious.

That place was something in itself. I could feel my inner peace which had long since been forgotten. The grass was greener than the green. The sky was an awesome shade of blue and so serene. The birds were flying up in the sky without the fear of being shot. The animals were running wild after being caged for so long. The flowers bloomed to their fullest, shone with the brightest of color. The eye pleasing rivers flowed pure, without impurity or dirt. I could see the edges being smoothened by the running water. There was no bridge over it, thats what made it all the more fresh. The fishes in it, ah! They were so happy for no one was there to fish them. I was the only one there to enjoy the world of peace. I could smile without being watched from the corner of the eye. I could dance without  being laughed at. I could just be me for there was no one to comment. I want it more than anything and I know no such place exists.

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