I Am An Optimist

Where others see dark, I see the light

Where they see wrong, I see the right

When they feel alone, I will be the guide

When they feel sad, I will rekindle the joy

I am hopeful, I am an optimist.

I will be your harbor, I will give you the strength to fight.

You wont be alone, I will stand by your side

You wont feel troubled, I will smoothen out your way somehow, someway

I am here, forever with you, in the background, like a tune

I am your heart, and I am not logical

I see only what makes you feel good
I dont care if its a false or untrue

For I am hopeful, I am your optimist
Beating with a rhythm to make you go on

Shifa Naseer


21 thoughts on “I Am An Optimist

    1. People take advantage of one’s feelings these days. We do not live in a simple world. People are so cunning. They will even rob u of the earth on which you stand

  1. Hey ! Its Jus amazing
    Can’t even say its amazing its Just beyOnd words .. πŸ™‚
    Chalo finally I am Impressed by your poems .. !!!

    LoL we gOt some poets too in Valley .. :p πŸ˜€

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