The Tale Of Three Brothers 3/4

Cadmus Peverell

Cadmus, the second Peverell, a man naive enough
Had once loved a girl
A beauty very famous in his county
Was on the brink of marrying her
But before that, Death had claimed her
Turned bitter, he had gone mad with grief
Without her he had no life, no relief
Being in possession of the resurrection stone
A gift from death itself!
He wanted her back and so he set off
He travelled back to his home, where he turned the stone thrice in his hand
And Lo! There she was, in her elegance and beauty
His heart leaped with joy and he rejoiced!
He had got back his beloved, his bride!
But something was not quite right
He wanted to touch her, wanted to feel her
To know she was real
But she seemed sad and cold
And no matter how much he tried to touch, to hold
It wasnt enough
For days he watched her, for nights he longed for her
Driven mad with hopeless longing, killed himself
So as to truly join his love!
Then came the Death with his wicked smile
More sinister than the most
Proved that he was more cunning
As evil as ever, took the second brother for his own!

Shifa Naseer

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