The Tale Of Three Brothers 1/4


Once it happened that three wizards
Brothers by blood, were journeying along a narrow, winding road
At twilight.
Each was a warrior, a fearless Peverell
Pride of their clan, their kin!
Found a dark river, so deep in its depths
That it reeked of death!
Skilled in the magical arts, 
They simply waved their wands, and made a bridge appear across the treacherous water.
Death was thwarted by them
And so the cunning Death with his pride
Set a trap and hailed them aside
Offered them tokens of their victory over him
Asked them to wish and it would be granted
Greed and lust are never far from a human heart
And so The brothers made their wishes.


The first Peverell, being combative, asked for an unbeatable wand
A wand which had no equal
And was worthy of a wizard who conquered death!
Death fashioned a wand from the branch of an elder tree
And presented to him. 
That was the Elder Wand.
The second Peverell, wanted to mock death further
And asked for a way to resurrect the dead
Death picked up a stone lying nearby and handed it over with good grace.
That was the resurrection stone.
The third Peverell, being wiser than the others
Felt death’s conspiracy and made his wish more wisely
He asked Death to give him something which would enable him to leave 
And that death should never find him again!
Reluctantly, death handed him his own cloak of invisibility!

Satisfied, the Peverells went forth with their prizes!
Unaware of the sinister plan Death had plotted against them.
Each went his own way, to seek their destiny and fate
While the Death lurked in the shadows to wait.



Shifa Naseer

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