Small Packets



Who do you think is a father, a dad, a papa ?
No one really thinks about it. He is a person who is always there, sometimes in the background and sometimes standing next to you. He is a part of who you are. You never notice his presence as he intermingles his aura with your own. He has tremendous love for you. His first small packet.
You call out to him and he replies without wasting a single second. He is your backbone, your support through life. God made mother to love you but He made a father to guide you, to teach you, to be your role model. His second small packet.
Hardly ever would you acknowledge his presence. But when you dont see him for a whole day, you get restless. You call him several times until he picks up. You breathe a sigh of relief and then your self-centred person comes back and you ask for something in the same instant. He doesnt tell you off like your mother. Instead he smiles and promises to get the thing for you. Always! His third small packet.
He makes a home for you which he decorates for you. Painting your room with your favorite colour, buying the things you want. He gets all that you ask of him and many times even more than that. His fourth small packet.
He helps you get the best college. He supports your education and degrees. He helps you to stand on your own feet. He does everything in his power to help you earn your livelihood.
His fifth small packet.
Then he spends lavishly at your wedding making it the best day of your life. Buying you jewellery of your choice, all the expensive dresses for all the functions and events. He buys you wedding gifts. He hands you over with such pomp and pleasure.
His sixth small packet.
He cares for your children when they are born, He loves them even more than you ever could. He takes them in his care till you do your day’s jobs making motherhood seem quite easy.
His seventh small packet.
He does it all for you from the day you were born till the day he dies. That is the love of a father. He truly is your backbone through thick and thin.
You dont value what you have. You only realize the importance of something when you lose it. You disregard his small packets. You dont really see all that he did.
Lucky are those who receive all the seven packets in life from their fathers.
When it comes to me, I only got four of them.




A Silent Tribute

A Silent Tribute to someone very special,
someone extraordinary,
Someone loved and remembered,
Someone with successive footprints,
Someone respected and cherished.


Shifa Naseer

Wait Till The Clock Strikes Twelve

I will fight my sleep
Fight all the sedatives they feed me
Drop me into oblivion, making me limp
Trapping me, binding me!
But not tonight!
Tonight I will fight my demons
I will bring a change in me
I will fight sleep till the clock strikes twelve
And when it does, I will mourn
I will shout and I will lament your loss
For such a big part of my life, you turned me down
Brought to me this exile, this parched life
I will call for you the whole night
When the clock will strike twelve.



Shifa Naseer

Red As Blood

After the coarse and dry winter
After all the white snow and all the cold
Spring came with a joyous whirl
Sweeping me off my feet
I saw the garden burst in bloom
All red and more red roses
So pretty a sight, as the winds tickle them by
Giggling, laughing and dancing
Together we welcomed the sunny days
Held the beautiful sights in our mind’s eye
But see closely, if you may
The red turned redder still
The color started dripping from the flowers
All of a sudden a realisation dawned
The red was not the colour but the blood itself
As the red from the flowers faded
They died and decayed in the course of the day
What was left was just the red
Flowing, dripping, colouring everything

Fading Red

Shifa Naseer

Departed Soul

Lying, face down, towards the rugged, coarse ground
Enveloped in my miseries as I lay
Erasing all signs of sanity, all pale like the coarse sand below
I recall, I remember, I bring it all forth
My pain, my loss, my salvation
The cause for my exile, the root of my shreds
The day when the foundation shook
When my heart took leave and ran off
To the desert, into the unknown.
Empty me with an empty chest
I grieved for the snatched soul, for my shattered hope which could never be whole
That day my exile began
And I continue with my punishment
I continue to tread on thorns
I burn the soles of my feet
I walk the road of fire
Carrying my miserable self forward
My misery, my companion
We all mourn the deaths, the departed souls.

Shifa Naseer

Happy Mother’s Day, Maa


Dear Maa,

Thank you for being there when no one was.

Thank you for always supporting me when no one did.

Thank you for being patient with me when no one was.

Thank you for loving me when no one did.

Thank you for reading my mind like an open book.

Thank you for making me your reflection.

Thank you for never letting me down.

Thank you for all the nights you sacrificed for me.

Thank you for tolerating my attitude.

Thank you for being the best mother one could ask for.

Happy Mother’s Day, Maa!

When You Round Your Corner

When you round your corner
You wont find me there
I will vanish away into the shadows
Better than how I was treated
You took me for granted
You always kept me waiting
I waited, I always did
It broke my heart, it broke me!
But I used to wait for you
But this time when you move forward
When you round your corner
You wont find me there
I will be lost to you
No matter how much you plead
I wont wait, I will go
You ran too fast when I wanted you to go slow
Now its too late
I will be gone by the time you turn around

Shifa Naseer