The sea was calm in the gleam of the setting sun. The whole beach was bathed in red and orange light which was being reflected by the calm water giving it a touch of perfection. She sat near the shore, just before the waves started and gazed out to the open water. Her face was serene and emotionless. If seen from outside, she appeared as calm as the water before her but just like the turmoil in the depth of the sea her heart was raging a war with her. She was bent by her troubles so much that it hurt. She was hurt and hurting still. Her life had turned out a big joke after all. Everyone deceived her, lied to her. She never retaliated. Now she was thinking that she did wrong. As she sat there alone on the beach, she realised she had always been on her own. She only ever talked to herself and no one else. She had always shunned from company and gatherings. They were a bore. She had always adored literature and the world they opened for her when she was a child. She had lost herself in that world and forgotten about reality. When she came out of her own world, she didnt know how to survive in the real one. She didnt know the rules. And as a result, she lost.

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