Magic Of The Spring

Clearing away of the dark cloud canopy
The rays of the sun, bursting through the cracks
Lighting up the world, decorating with colours
The blooming of the new buds The chirping of the birds
Calling for a change, celebrating life
Rejoicing melodies fill the fresh air
As we all welcome spring with a warm embrace
The sun peeking around the mighty mountains
All timid and shy
After the winter made it all dull and dry
All the insects and the strays

Come out of their hiding place

Smiling, giving hugs that warm up the hearts
Reuniting after the dark blanket of clouds
The magic of spring, giving life to the tiniest being
All exposed to the kiss of the sun

As love filters in, spreading warmth all around
As spring was the season when I was born.

Shifa Naseer


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