Same People, New Faces

I see the crowd, the crowd sees me
Walking, staring, pointing, talking
While I hold my head high and play my role of pretending
How much fakeness there really is ?!?
Surprised, as I see new faces everyday
Same people, different faces
All mean, all selfish
Waiting to pounce, waiting to deprive
Hiding, lying, faking, trying
As I tolerate them, all the while sighing
Weary from all the strange faces
Changing with the blink of an eye
One moment rude, another moment shy
And I put up with them. I wonder why?
Same people, new faces day to day
Deceiving me, hating me I daresay

Shifa Naseer

8 thoughts on “Same People, New Faces

  1. If we never did anything wrong, if someone else didn’t point out our misconceptions, we wouldn’t become a better person, would we?
    It’s usually not about trying the find that true friendship, that person with whom you can connect with – but it’s mostly about the kind of people you want to avoid and don’t want to be around; the mistakes of our past, which helps us becoming more mature than we were before.
    No ideal friendship exists that obeys all our rules, but a true connection happens soon after we learn to distinguish reality from deception. (-:

      1. Haha! I wonder how many serial killers would’ve been walking the streets everyday if we could get away with smashing their faces. (-;

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