My Favourite Words

1. Indeed :
I love saying this word. Its weight and seriousness makes me feel more mature while talking. It is a very good reply to things you dont know what to reply. I mean someone says something wise, you can always go with ‘indeed’ while nodding your head and appearing to be in deep thoughts.

2. Spooky : I love this word. I dont know why but I love to say it out loud. I know its hardly ever used in normal conversations. But I love the “spooky” word.
Dont ask why but I do.

3. I Dont Know : My favourite reply. Maximum times people ask me things which I dont want to face or answer and hence IDK comes to the rescue. This line helps a lot in escaping from people’s prodding questions. I dont like long conversations and hence “i dont know”. It annoys people I know but I love it.

Shifa Naseer


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