Peace Within

Free he was, from all cares
Free he had been before he woke
To the rising alarms
To the warning bells
Brought face to face with pain, he was
Shattered, broken for life
To cope, he turned rogue
Living extreme, he set off to destroy
Over the time, the days turned dark
The light never touching him
He became angrier still
Did all to set himself ablaze
But then the fight in him waned
Slowly, he realised, it was not enough
To vent out his anger
It simply was not enough
So he turned around inside
Cooped up, to be alone
To gather his pieces, to gain strength
He found his peace again
As he made good with his heart
The tempest was calmed after the dark night
The sun shone bright again as he gave up his fight.

Shifa Naseer

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