#Proud Of Myself

Alright!!!! Since we all know that I had taken up a driving course and it finished off in january. Then later I got my own car to drive. We had a spare one at home which no one drove since it was purchased. It new and its mine. 😀
I am a proud owner of 1389. 🙂
Anyways, I now drive with confidence. I dont make mistakes at U-turns. And I know all about the gear mechanisms. I even know how to change tyres in case of a puncture. All in all, I am improving quite steadily. I drive slow. I dont increase the speed above 40 so those who were planning to have a race with me need to wait until I am sure of my driving skills. I dont want to die and certainly dont want to kill innocent pedestrians or other drivers. 🙂
I feel proud that I achieved all this in a short span of time. Allah has been with me and helped me through all the oppositions and hurdles in this case.
I am happy that I am no longer dependent. I can take myself wherever I need to go. I always dreamt about it and now its finally happening. I owe many people rides that I agreed to give them. I need a little bit more time to stabilize myself and get used to it.
Rest all is well. 😀


25 thoughts on “#Proud Of Myself

  1. talking is an art..dont believe me?? Spend a day with a dumb person-Florence Nightingale……i love evrythin related to football…my life is football….baba sir ke paas segregation??? wow…

  2. talking is an art..dont believe me?? Spend a day with a dumb person-Florence Nightingale……i love evrythin related to football…my life is football….baba sir ke paas segregatiin??? wow…

  3. well thats the rule of driving..u gotta adapt…if u are used to power steering..u can never drive an old car nicely…i learned to drive in a gypsy..it has one of the hardest steerings…now fr me power steerings are a piece of cake..so u just gotta adapt..u own a maruti 800? or a zen? or the classic padmini fiat (i luv that car)??

      1. na….i really thought (even hoped u had) a padmini…i so wanna drive that car…that car is a classic…that and the contesta…i wanna drive both of them like crazy.. 😦

      2. Nah…when I have my own money..ill go fr the range rovers..the mustangs..the hemi cudas…the shelbys…

  4. u know what u do wrong….u yank the gear a little to forcefully..causing the wrong shift…and u dont need to stomp on the brake…just a gentle push…stomping is nly in case of emergencies.. 🙂

    1. At the tuition, i drive hasnain’s car which has power brakes. My car doesnt hav dat n dats y i am used to a hard brake. See me drive my own car n den tell me … 🙂

      1. Must say im pretty jealous….nice ride btw…colud do with a booster relay though.. 🙂

      2. What is that??? I know its jamal’s bday..but that is no reason fr u to get high. :-P….so now are u gonna come all by urslf everyday at 830 without ur brother??

      3. I know..it seems I was high :-P…but why not in the frst grp?? Why in the second?? Dont u like to sleep..or r u nocturnal lyk me? 😛

      4. Well I have chem at 7….but the timings are real nice…except on matchdays…coz on match days I sleep at 4 am…then wakin up at 6 can be quite bad..but its gud as compared to last yr..when I had bio tuitions at 5…btw dsnt hasnain also have physics class at 7 15..so hw does he come at 7 30??

      5. U saw me today didnt u??..thats what im lyk on matchdays…all beaten up…had no idea what I was wearing..or what my hair looked like…today’s also matchday…but happily no tuition tmrw..so ill get sum shut eye hopefully.. U shld try watchin late..night matches….i got permission to watch it today..but when I watch it in stealth mode..its more fun. 😉

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