Loss And All

Drifting apart
Falling to pieces
As I try to keep myself together
The more I try, the more I realise
Truth behind the deceitful lies
I am bound to lose
Forever indebted to you
Everything gone, smashed and torn
Ever survived the loss?
What if I had?
But the events itself were sad
Pitiable as I was weak
To the core and beneath
Quivering knees as I bow in defeat
Losing everything while I watch with death by my side
Losing the beauty, the purity
Leaving behind a memory
Of loss and everything that has come to pass.

Shifa Naseer


Scary Depths

I want to go
A place that I heard of
A dreamy place of my own
To earn my peace
The peace I long for since forever
I want to sink to the depths
Never to be seen
Never to be heard of
To be talked about
I never wish to remain
But to vanish into the depths
Accepting the blissful silence
My cries no longer to be heard
I wish to remain alive in the depths.

Shifa Naseer

Major Alert

I am changing my novel a bit. The plot remains the same but it will revolve around kashmir. Jenny will be “Amaanee” and Jack will be “Ali”. This major change came from the fact that I know all about kashmir that I would require in my novel. I need not research. It will be more real and have a greater impact.
Cheers to light bulbs!!!

Shifa Naseer

What The Hell?

I really really dont get it. I amtotally messed up. One minute I am happy and the next I am restless. One minute I forgive those who hurt me and the next I am fuming that they did. What is wrong with me? I am tired of myself. I hate these mood swings. Staying away from home is helping though. I wouldve turned bonkers there. Smiling feels like a burden these days. I dont like it! I laugh to hide my fears and that makes me look stupid. Thats so great! (sarcasm dripping from my words!)
Save me.

Shifa Naseer

Revelations … Indeed

Poured out my soul
Revealed my darkest secrets
Making myself vulnerable
I held on to what I believed
I had hope in my belief
Felt I was right in all that I did
Going against everything I believed in
I hoped to gain my belief
But I never realised my belief was never mine
Mine to cherish and thrive
Belief is what flies away
Into the setting sun
Evening flourishes and cuts across my heart
As I was brought back to reality
A reality so bitter yet so true
A mirage lifted from my eyes
But I didnt see that one coming
As my belief was strong
Until the break of dawn

Read and connect to yourselves what you would like to be in the above lines … Connect.

Shifa Naseer

Taking A Deep Breath

Halt right there with your thoughts. The last few days had been a pain. But I snapped back to senses. Thank God for that! I totally hate moping and it seemed like I couldnt do anything but mope! #horror#
Anyways, now I am better. The change of place has done me good but I miss home.
Today I went out and chilled with my siblings. It felt good. 🙂
Cheers to those with good moods and “get well soon” to those who feel under weather.
The mopey shifa might come back though. I will let you know when!

Shifa Naseer

Am I?

I feel nothing as if
I dont feel
They dont see me as if
I dont exist
I hover in the dark as if
The world has left me
They ignore me as if
I have no importance
I am not missed as if
I am good riddance
They dont care as if
I dont have a heart
I am trampled as if
The ground holds me
They overlook me as if
I am a shadow …

I feel it in my heart.
I feel it in my bones.
I am unwanted and unwelcome
Hopelessly weird and lonesome

Shifa Naseer