Rain As I See It

People love rain. They say rainy season is the season of romance. They join so many cheezy words to it. Raindrops falling from the sky and hitting the ground, replenishing the ground water resources. I agree it is benificial. No doubt people find the sound of raindrops falling as soothing. Some people love to drink coffee or tea when its raining. Thats where the drama kicks in. They see it in movies and think it is true. Sitting on the window sill, with a cup of tea/coffee in hand and a sad expression on the face. They think its romantic. Hahaha. Well its not!! From my point of view, they are wallowing in self pity. Tut tut. All that is irrelevant.
Anyways, as you must know, I dont like rain and the package it brings with itself. All the wetness, the dampness, the dirt, all the mud and puddles on the roads, the sound of raindrops hitting the cemented floor. Urgh!
Its like that ticking bomb which only ticks and never sets off! Its like that alarm clock without a snooze or dismiss option. Its like the most annoying sound ever.
Sigh. Still, its good for us. It replenishes the ground water resources. It brings relief during hot summer days and all. But it is not enough for me to like it.
I just dont like it. Thats it. I dont like rain. It reminds me of that poem:
Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day

That was one of my favourites.
Good afternoon.
Its raining here by the way.
#saddest face in history


Shifa Naseer


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