Best Of What I Could Do


I made a heart from snow and placed it on the branch of a tree in my garden. Hahaha. I know, I know it looks disabled and odd but its the best I can do. For a poor artist, this is a proud masterpiece!
I know I am flattering myself but I cannot help it. 😉
Nothing is as white as snow
As it falls, all our faces glow
It seems to erase all the pain and sorrow
Promising us of a brighter tomorrow. 🙂

Shifa Naseer


Dashing Through The Snow

Wearing a coat, long boots, gloves and carrying a big umbrella while going out into the snow is very wise. Half an hour ago, I was running in the snow. AAhh.
It felt awesome! The little, tiny flakes of snow falling silently through the air onto the ground is a sight worth seeing. Trudging on the untouched snow and leaving footprints on the purest of white is actually a very good thing a person can do. I was smiling from ear to ear. I havent felt this good in a long time. It feels nice to once again be excited about something. It seems I am not totally dead after all. 🙂
Later we all are planning to have a snow fight and make a snowman. It is going to be so much fun. I had missed snow even more than I thought. It feels amazing to gaze out the window and see the purity of nature with my own eyes.


Sleep little one for you are my soul
Without you, I can never feel whole
You are my life
I will take to out to fairies tonight
Just close your eyes and relax for the night
The stars outside are gazing at you
There eyes full of light and love
The moon wanders near your window
To look at my tiny jewel
But your mother is so protective
She wont let him have you just yet
You are mine, dear one
As I am yours
Together we build a world of love
I care for your rozy cheeks
I love you for all you are
Just close your eyes knowing that
Your mother is right here
Always by your side.

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Waiting For Sleep

Longing for the dreams in the night
I wait for sleep to take over
I try to close my eyes
But they insist on staying wide open.
As I wait for sleep
My hearts remembers the lullabies of my angel
Humming them slowly
One after the other
My voice resonating through the walls
My lonliness hurts my being
As I ache for her
The feelings and touch are clear to me
A soft hand caressing my forehead
Moist lips my cheek as she finishes her song
As I roll to the side, her patting my arm
I smile in contentment
My mind has captured it all
The sleep is yet to come
But my soul is at peace for now
For the night, to drag me alive
Pain is at bay
Anguish, for tonight, will stay away
As Its my beloved’s birthday.
Dont break the spell
Let the reality burn in hell
My dreams are my saviors
The hold the memories close
And then sleep takes over
As I succumb eagerly, escaping to relief
For the first time in years
I had a beautiful dream.

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Reduced To Nothing

Time made me realise, the scars will never fade away. They wont let me forget. They wont let me swallow the pain. The world is cruel. It is hostile. It is shameless. I am disappointed.

Is this it then?
After he was gone, is this what my life is going to be?
Why should I feel this way?
He left me, I didnt!
So why do I suffer
Why do I feel in exile
Is this what my life has reduced to?
A life of pain, of sorrow and no gain
Pity I dont get a say
Oh I would’ve loved to ask for justice
But I am helpless
Save me please!
Take me out, release me!
Let me live my life
Free of agony and filled with joy
Do I see a ray of hope?
Honestly I dont but I want to
Reduced to nothing
My life is a pain
My heart is hoping and in strain
Not one cell in me is content or happy
All I wish is to see light
I am willing to fight
But it is sad to say
That nothingness is eating me away

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I Am The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling
Once upon a time down
on an old farm, lived a
duck family, and Mother
Duck had been sitting on a
clutch of new eggs. One
nice morning, the eggs
hatched and out popped
six chirpy ducklings. But
one egg was bigger than
the rest, and it didn’t
hatch. Mother Duck
couldn’t recall laying that
seventh egg. How did it
get there? TOCK! TOCK!
The little prisoner was
pecking inside his shell.
“Did I count the eggs
wrongly?” Mother Duck
wondered. But before she
had time to think about it,
the last egg finally
hatched. A strange looking
duckling with gray
feathers that should have
been yellow gazed at a
worried mother. The
ducklings grew quickly,
but Mother Duck had a
secret worry.
“I can’t understand how
this ugly duckling can be
one of mine!” she said to
herself, shaking her head
as she looked at her last
born. Well, the gray
duckling certainly wasn’t
pretty, and since he ate
far more than his
brothers, he was
outgrowing them. As the
days went by, the poor
ugly duckling became
more and more unhappy.
His brothers didn’t want
to play with him, he was
clumsy, and all the
farmyard folks simply
laughed at him. He felt
sad and lonely, while
Mother Duck did her best
to console him.
“Poor little ugly
duckling!” she would say.
“Why are you so different
from the others?” And the
ugly duckling felt worse
than ever. He secretly
wept at night. He felt
nobody wanted him.
“Nobody loves me, they
all tease me! Why am I
different from my
Then one day, at
sunrise, he ran away from
the farmyard. He stopped
at a pond and began to
question all the other
birds. “Do you know of
any ducklings with gray
feathers like mine?” But
everyone shook their
heads in scorn.
“We don’t know anyone
as ugly as you.” The ugly
duckling did not lose
heart, however, and kept
on making inquiries. He
went to another pond,
where a pair of large
geese gave him the same
answer to his question.
What’s more, they warned
him: “Don’t stay here! Go
away! It’s dangerous.
There are men with guns
around here!” The
duckling was sorry he had
ever left the farmyard.
Then one day, his
travels took him near an
old countrywoman’s
cottage. Thinking he was a
stray goose, she caught
“I’ll put this in a hutch.
I hope it’s a female and
lays plenty of eggs!” said
the old woman, whose
eyesight was poor. But the
ugly duckling laid not a
single egg. The hen kept
frightening him.
“Just wait! If you don’t
lay eggs, the old woman
will wring your neck and
pop you into the pot!”
And the cat chipped in:
“Hee! Hee! I hope the
woman cooks you, then I
can gnaw at your bones!”
The poor ugly duckling
was so scared that he lost
his appetite, though the
old woman kept stuffing
him with food and
grumbling: “If you won’t
lay eggs, at least hurry up
and get plump!”
“Oh, dear me!” moaned
the now terrified duckling.
“I’ll die of fright first! And
I did so hope someone
would love me!”
Then one night, finding
the hutch door ajar, he
escaped. Once again he
was all alone. He fled as
far away as he could, and
at dawn, he found himself
in a thick bed of reeds. “If
nobody wants me, I’ll hid
here forever.” There was
plenty a food, and the
duckling began to feel a
little happier, though he
was lonely. One day at
sunrise, he saw a flight of
beautiful birds wing
overhead. White, with long
slender necks, yellow
beaks and large wings,
they were migrating south.
“If only I could look like
them, just for a day!” said
the duckling, admiringly.
Winter came and the
water in the reed bed
froze. The poor duckling
left home to seek food in
the snow. He dropped
exhausted to the ground,
but a farmer found him
and put him in his big
jacket pocket.
“I’ll take him home to
my children. They’ll look
after him. Poor thing, he’s
frozen!” The duckling was
showered with kindly care
at the farmer’s house. In
this way, the ugly duckling
was able to survive the
bitterly cold winter.
However, by springtime,
he had grown so big that
the farmer decided: “I’ll
set him free by the pond!”
That was when the
duckling saw himself
mirrored in the water.
“Goodness! How I’ve
changed! I hardly
recognize myself!” The
flight of swans winged
north again and glided on
to the pond. When the
duckling saw them, he
realized he was one of
their kind, and soon made
“We’re swans like you!”
they said, warmly. “Where
have you been hiding?”
“It’s a long story,”
replied the young swan,
still astounded. Now, he
swam majestically with his
fellow swans. One day, he
heard children on the
river bank exclaim: “Look
at that young swan! He’s
the finest of them all!”
And he almost burst
with happiness.

The End

The moral of the story is clear. I dont see it in mine though. I relate to the duckling a lot. Sigh.
I love this story. Its silly symphony makes me want to cry. Its so good. The poor duckling who isnt a duckling after all!

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I Smile

When I dont know how to deal with a situation, I smile.
I smile to hide my pain.
I smile to suppress my screams.
I smile to let go of my fears.
I smile to hide my tears.
By smiling, I get a chance to compose myself. I feel as if no one can see what I am going through. It is a very good way to avoid any unconfortable situation, if you know what I mean. I am now thinking of making a joker smile on my face like the one in the movie “The Dark Night”. Awesome movie, in my opinion but then my opinion doesnt count. Heath Ledger was amazing in it. Its a pity he died so soon. A big loss to hollywood. 😦
Anyways, where was I? I get distracted easily. What’s wrong with me?
Yeah! The Smile. So whenever I feel sad or want to cry, I smile.
I smile for all I am worth which is very less.
I smile to bring out the best.
I smile to hide from them.
I smile to let others know I am alright.
When I feel the tears oozing out, I smile.
That represents a very pitiable sight, doesnt it?
Well, it is!
Smiling while you are crying. Hehe.
Totally sympathetic I am towards my tears.
So smile and let people know you are happy.
Smile so they smile back at you.
Your smile is sarcastic, you know that. They dont and never will know.
So smile and smile and smile.
:). 🙂 🙂

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