New Style

No matter how much I push away
Push away with all my heart
Straining my heart
My heart with all its wailing
Hurting to my core
The core burning with desire
The desire to love what’s forbidden
Forbidden for me.

Shifa Naseer

9 thoughts on “New Style

  1. why always the sad and wailing stuff? anyways im part of a group/org ( yet to be formed 😉 ) and i think you can be of great help to that group we need a blogger who has more than 10 followers 😉 😉 , kidding ,no seriously, we need a few writers and we’d be glad to have you work with us. So if ur interested you can contact me either on my blog or through my email .
    ahmad. 🙂

    1. What organisation? Is it new?
      Well i would like to know what the grp is about and let you know my decision. I cannot join without knowing its aim. How big is it? How many members?

      1. the name is ******* : reforging broken castles , it aims at the upliftment of the society, our society. and it has 5 members . you will be the sixth and the last for the time being. we will get active later this year. …umm thats it i guess, for more details log on to and…ull find nothing there yet, thats why we need you 😉
        peace out!

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