Bits & Pieces #3

Jenny sat there without moving. She was expecting him to come but still was surprised that he found her yet again. She never asked about him. All she knew about him was that he helped her. She never asked where he was when he wasn’t with her. Did he have a family and all that stuff. She felt oddly at ease with Jack. Looking at his smiling face, jenny felt the memories rushing back to her. The memories were vague but the feelings remained. He had been there for her in her hardest times but she hardly remembered them. She only remembered the pain and the sorrow she had to go through. He had helped her through everything except the worst thing that ever happened to her. The day her dad’s death was anounced by her mother in a monotonous voice, she had run away from her home looking for jack to tell her that it wasnt true, that her dad was still alive. No matter how much she called for him, shouted his name, she never got an answer. Only silence. She had been hurt beyond words that jack had failed to be there. She hadnt come home easily. She had roamed the whole day searching for him. He hadnt been there.

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