Some Space!

I am claustrophobic!!!!
My physics tuition has loads of students. They sit over each other. There’s hardly space to move. It is the most uncomfortable place ever made.
Last year we had so much space. We used to sit wide apart. Now its a population explosion. Its crazy that our teacher didnt keep a limit to the role of students. Everyday it seems as if the students have multiplied. Less and less place to sit. Today I was sitting near the door on the doormat! Imagine!! :/
Plus my claustrophobia kicks in and my head starts to spin!
There’s hardly any ventilation as well.
Sigh. I wont survive there for long. I will die of suffocation and headache.
Worse, I dont have a second choice either. Stuck in the stable.


6 thoughts on “Some Space!

  1. Seriously, are there less tuition centers, less good teachers or more population in Kashmir? 😛
    Poor you! :X
    I liked that line: Population Explosion. Haha!
    And I’d rather keep the sanctity of stables by not comparing them with tuition centers.

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