Hit The Road!

Okay so I experimented a bit today. I drove my car from tuition to home (halfway but still). I did all the stuff smoothly except wave my hand to one of my friends rather acquaintance who was walking along the road. Hehe. Hey! Its not my fault that I get excited behind the wheel. Anyways, I started the car smoothly and drove it nicely. There are a lot of rough edges but I dont worry about them. They will eventually smoothen out. The main thing was that I stayed calm. My heartbeat didnt reach a dangerously high level and I didnt freak out like the past times. So all in all, we are going great. Next year I will get my license. Aaah!! The bliss of being a legal driver. πŸ™‚
P.S. Good Morning.

4 thoughts on “Hit The Road!

  1. No! You wont be getting a license next year!
    Cause the Govt. Has made some changes about giving license to people who are 18!
    When u r 19 they will give u the learning license valid for 6 months and den only u can apply for a proper license!

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