Dependence And Taking A Stand

Why are we dependent. We are not! People make us dependent. They underestimate us and force us to lay low. They give pathetic excuses that you are too young, too amateur and all. But they dont realise what they really put us through. They make us feel useless, good for nothing people. This is wrong! Its injustice! I say we ought to try and do things ourselves. Try to be more bold, more outspoken. We should not flinch away from challenges saying we are too weak to accept them. Who says that? Your father? Your mother? They are lying then. We are as much capable as they are. If given the opportunity, we too can prove our worth. And if they refuse to give us the opportunity, learn to strive for it. Dont let yourself be. Dont live under the rock. Move the rock and see how powerful you really are.
People say we are too young. Yea sure whatever! Age is just a number, nothing to do with maturity. Some people mature beyond their ages. They become more stable than the people who are older. Maximum elders are messed up people. What do you expect to gain from them? Nothing. They say they are more experienced. True, but they hardly know where to put that experience to use. All they do is say and scold while they should encourage and make us bold.
But if they dont do that, then we have to take a stand. Make our own decisions and fight for all we are worth. One cannot achieve anything without a struggle. A struggle builds a strong support and helps to reach our goal.

Posted by Shifa Naseer


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