My Plot

I finally started on my novel. Takes a lot of time and will power to sit and think! But I started. I will post all that I wrote right now but after that I will post bits and pieces as I love posting on my blog. 🙂
Its not much, just two paragraphs but a beginning indeed.

She didn’t know where she was going and at the moment she didn’t care. All she concentrated on was moving her legs forward. Her feet made ragged sounds on the gravel of the road on which she was running. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time. She was finally running away from her pain, her miseries, her life. She wiped the tears oozing out of her eyes and focused on the road. Taking deep breaths from her nose she kept on running. She lost track of time. She hadn’t realized it was already dark and that people who supposedly loved her would be worried about her. Especially her mom! But she pushed that thought away. Now was not the time. She focused on the building ache in her thighs and pushed herself more. She knew she couldn’t get far and that at some point her legs would give way. Already her breathing was labored and her legs felt like lead. She had ache in her body but the ache in her heart surpassed all other bodily pain. She was wearing warm clothes and they already felt like burden on her body. The jeans suddenly felt too rough, too tight. As she once more boosted herself, she tripped and fell face first on the side of the road. The ground rose to welcome her and hit her squarely on the face. She tasted blood on her lips as she tried to absorb the shock of tripping and the intense pain building in her left cheek. It was all bruised. Great! So much for running away.
She paused and hauled herself into a sitting position and laid her head back onto the yellow milestone. She looked at the sky and saw that the stars were out. Her rational part kept shouting at her to turn around and go back home and be taken care of. But the angry side of her wanted to go on even if it meant getting lost into wilderness or even death. She looked around herself and found that she was in the middle of nowhere. Yes! That is what she wanted, right? She wavered knowing if she went on this road, she would face a lot of problems. But that would be easily dealt with. The problems back at home were unbearable. Shaking her head, she got up. Looking to her left into the open plain before her. She slowly walked off the road and started her journey into unknown.

The plot is simple. A teenage girl, tired of pretending her life is awesome. She is tired of having a plastic smile on her face. She needs liberation. She wants freedom from the pain in her heart. And this time she is set out of find “inner peace”.

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