Farewells : Not My Thing

I hate farewells but I am a person who faces farewells almost all the time. Its like the more I hesitate to say goodbye, the more farewells I am forced to give. The only farewell that I will rejoice in is the one I give to my school next year! Happy times! 🙂
According to me, farewells are very nasty. They make people feel helpless as the person for whom they care is slipping away and they cannot do anything about it.
Today my brother went to jammu for his entrance coaching. True, its important for him to go but its harder for mum and me. Since it leaves us two alone. I know I know, how can two people be alone ?
But together we feel that. Sigh!
When my sisters come from delhi during their weeks off, I am ecstatic but when its time for them to go back,I feel awful. The house feels empty.
At times, it feels like the world is moving while I am at rest. It feels I dont move at all. Stuck to a single place without change.
The new school year will begin in a few days. I am not looking forward to it at all. Sigh!
Its going to be hectic as hell.
Still, my fingers are crossed that I might find something good for myself this year. 🙂

Posted by Shifa Naseer

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