Should I ?

I am thinking of writing a novel. I wonder uf I will be able to pull it off. I dont think I have that much of patience or imagination. Sigh!
I am thinking I might give it a try. But what do I write about ?
Thats another of my dilema. Humph!
How do I start? What would it be ?
But I think I should start writing. Thats all I can do, right ?
No hidden talents … Hahaha !
Anyways, would love your opinion too, if u have any 😉
If I decide to write, I will post the title and the idea of the book. What if I finish it ? 😀

Posted by Shifa Naseer

2 thoughts on “Should I ?

  1. thats great , but i know its not easy at all, my brother has written one too, not published but..still ..its hard , i know that much . and yes there is no harm in trying 🙂

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