My Childhood Musings :)

Distance is NOT measured by kilometers
But by the courage one has got!

Humanity is NOT measured by sympathy
But by the kindness for each other

Caring is NOT measured by people
But by the love for others

Originally by a 13 year old ME πŸ˜€

Posted from Shifa Naseer’s phone πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “My Childhood Musings :)

  1. @sibtain ..Haan bhai karti hai woh fame ke liye,,tjhe kya problem hai. Jana karna apna kaam.Pehle khud ka blog sahi kar fir dusre ke blogs pe cmnt karna .

      1. Yea shif he ws… he actly made a fool of hmslf……n nbdy cn b mean to u wen i am hre…. So chill :* πŸ˜‰

  2. do you think , by posting your thoughts on blog will make you famous , will make you awkward in the eyes of people ,will just be you name , you better work for poor people , and see what happens

    1. Um not opting for any gain sir … Nor publicity neither fame .. Wat would a person who lost everything expect to gain .. Or wish to gain rather ! Hardly … Plus working for the poor, i am top young at present… Giv me a few years n i am sure i wont disappoint u !
      And the thing about writing wat i feel is that i dont hav frnds … All i hav is my blog to give vent to my feelings
      Prejudice is not a wise thing sir

    2. @sibtain…….Mayb u dnt noe bt a blog is fr writin dwn ur thghtz……n she is nt askin fr fame through dis…..itz a talent..dat she can write so beautifully……if u dnt wanna appreciate dat thn u oso dnt hv d right to point a finger on her……..she hsnt askd u to chck hr blog…..u urslf r hre……n if itz sch a greivance to u r free to leave……n as far as wrkin fr poor is cncrnd…..datz smthn u do individually nt post on ur blog or tl d world about………

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