We die in the end.
All of us fight hard in life to achieve, to succeed in life but dont realise that it is all in vain. Its sad to see what our lives really are. Its all meaningless. We are meaningless people who have meaningless illogical lives. We dont understand what we are doing. We go with the flow. It is sad what we have, what we do!
Its like fate is mocking us, spiralling us on its orders while we dont realise it. Its a pitious situation. We cant even sympathise as we dont realise what we do.
Death is a part of our lives. It is the only part with significance. From the day we are born, we are in danger of dying. We live in fear. We dont realise it but we are all afraid of the future. We are never sure if we will live to see the next day. People often say that the best way to die is old age. But old age is a curse. So many problems one faces. Being old is difficult.
On the other hand, dying young is considered awful. It is true. When a young person dies, his wishes, his hopes, his dreams, his aspirations die with him. He does not die alone. His family dies with him. They live on forward but their spirit dies with that person.
Death is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing as it provides relief from the hardships and sorrows of this world. Curse, as it proves to be a deathblow to a person’s family.
When my dad died, his condition was so worse that it was a relief for him. But at the same time, for me it was …
There are no words, none at all to describe the feelings as I saw my dad lying there lifeless!
We dont have a choice. We are helpless, vulnerable to all that this world has to offer.

Posted from Shifa Naseer’s phone 🙂


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