A Fresh Slap On The Face By Life

Life is cruel! Life is mean! Yet again it proved to be shitty! We shouldn’t expect anything from anyone. This is an age where people are mean and selfish. Even among family members, there is no such thing as expectance. We should never expect things. I say this all the time but yet again, I expected, my hopes got smashed, saw spots in daylight. Now I feel sorry for myself and pity myself for my stupidity. I am so silly that I don’t see through people but then again, who does?
Sigh. I am hurt and hurt deep. I never ever would’ve imagined even in my wildest dreams what happened today. I am sick, sick with the world, sick with the people residing in it and sick with their dishonesty and selfishness. Why, why, why ?
I am such an idiot! I never see that people are making a fool out of me, knowing I will believe them no matter what. They take advantage of it and lie. They have the audacity to lie to my face. I dont believe these people. I am tired! I have seen deaths and pain, sorrows and suffering. I ask for relief but I am not getting it. I am helpless. Forced to bear what is not mine. Sick, tired, fed up me … 😦

Posted from Shifa Naseer’s phone 🙂

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