Unpredictability of Life

Life is something which we will never understand. Just when you know you are going good, life takes a U-turn, creates a wall in our path into which we crash.


We are all confused. We take advice from people who give the best of their ideas. But you know what, those people themselves don’t know what they are doing!
That is the funniest part of life.  🙂

Life is unpredictable. There’s another word for it : unfair! Life is unfair. The magnitude is so large that we hardly complain as we are always in constant shock. Shock, for what happens in our life. Shock, for what we bear: the pain, the loss, the sorrow. Nothing, I repeat nothing happens according to plan. Even the best laid plans go to waste when life rolls its die. We are dependent on that die, the number on it decides our fate. Sigh. Its so unfair, this uncertainty.
A person leaves home for work. While on his way, he’s thinking about the tasty lunch his caring wife has packed for her. He’s wondering whether his kids reached the school on time or not. He prays for their safety. He’s travelling in his car. He’s happy as he’s going to get a rise in his pay and he’s planning on getting a new car for himself. He’s driving while thinking all this.
At the same time, there’s this guy on the bike. He’s going towards his college. He’s hungry as he left his home without breakfast. He had had a fight with his mother and was feeling sorry. He mentally makes a note to get her some chocolates on his way home as an apology for his rudeness towards her. Also, he’s thinking of the assignment he has to submit the next day. He’s almost done but just has to make final touches.
Now as these two people, going towards their respective places and pondering over their musings, meet an accident! Both die. So unfortunate!


Now as they were leaving home, none of them even had the slightest idea that they were going to die. That man would never taste that tasty lunch her wife had packed for him, he would never get that pay rise, he would never buy a new car.
That college student would never be able to apologise to his mother and give her those chocolates, he would never be able to finish his assignment.
This is our life! Nothing happens according to plan. We are helpless. We are forced to stay in chains.
A girl who went somewhere foreign for higher education returned home a drug addict. Her parents would never have imagined that when they decided to send her. She herself would never have known. Again the same girl recovered from her mistakes, made amends and straightened her course. That again is a surprise.
In short, life is uncertain. We often hear that “life is full of surprises” but in reality we receive way more shocks than surprises. (laughing mockingly)


The concept of living is rediculous. None of us live! We are all alive dead bodies. Thats what we’ve reduced to!

Posted from Shifa Naseer’s phone 🙂

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