Lonely and Alone Me

This is the sad story of my life. Till last year, I had all of my friends with me. My school was the place where I loved to go. My friends and I used to have so much fun together, making up stories and jokes both funny and dirty ;). We used to make notes together, compete on who will submit the homework first. These things were so common but special at the same time. The year came to an end. We went our different ways. All of my friends got separated from me. I am not complaining but just regretting that we are not together. I didnt think about it then but slowly as this year passed, I started to see like actually feel that I was absolutely alone. Sure, I still have friends but they are just acquaintances.
What once used to be fun, I now dread going to school. I hate going to school. It takes me every ounce of energy in my body to make it through a single day! I don’t have friends in real life. Sure, we are in contact through watsapp and facebook but its not enough. All I can ask them is how they are and whats up with their life. Nothing more, nothing less. Sigh!
My life has reduced to just me!
I and me and myself. There’s no ‘you’ or ‘us’. I may live with that also but I cannot tolerate the people around me. I am absolutely fed up with people. So much spite and full of hate these people are. It annoys me as they dont leave me alone. They force their company on me and sadly, I cannot refuse. I am living all this. I am totally alone and have no friends to have fun with. My life is as monotonous as it can get. I need change but its difficult to manage. I am trying to bear it all but its taking a lot of effort. I dont have the will power or the strength to carry on. Its been 2 weeks since I went to school and honestly speaking hardly anyone asked for me in school or enquired as to why I havent been to school. I dont care about that either. I dont need anyone but thats a white lie. I too need people to miss me when I am not around. Everybody does! Sigh! I guess I will just have to hold on.


Dont ask me about the above picture of my name. That is just to show you guys my name in smileys. 😉

Posted from Shifa Naseer’s phone 🙂

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