Being Absent Minded

This is something which freaks me out a lot! Whenever I am sitting idle or doing some work, I zone out i.e, to say I lose track of where I am and just stare off into space. When I come out of my reverie, I don’t even remember what I was thinking about so intensely. That is a thing to worry about. I do it frequently! I keep staring at the wall and all the time don’t know what I am thinking about or what I am doing! Is that a normal behaviour ?
Like people say “staring at the walls is more interesting while studying”. I may apply the same logic here only I do it even when I am watching a movie or doing something else. It is not only my problem! There must be hell lot many people who do the same. I have a hunch as to why it happens. All those who do this are upset. They don’t really accept that they are upset or sad just because they don’t want their loved ones to worry about them. Slowly slowly, the person starts filling up. I mean how much can a person hold his feelings inside without giving vent to them ? They are bound to crack. Thus, resulting in angry outbursts, apitite loss and ofcourse being lost in space.
In the class, while the teacher is teaching, I swear I don’t even give attention to the first 5 minutes. Its that difficult to hold on to conscious mind. It slips away leaving me dazed. It actually confuses me which irritates me which in turn makes me angry ! Turmoil of emotions! I dont know how to tell them apart anymore.

18 thoughts on “Being Absent Minded

  1. Happens. This is normal. Happens with me too quite often.
    The thing that is causing you this is that you must not be having a good time regularly. So, I think, you should Party more often 😉


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