Solitude is Bliss

Sitting outside my tuition waiting for the teacher to arrive, I am thinking about certain things. And believe me, we should have these moments of solitude with oneself. It helps clear our mind. It gives the strength to pull another day without breaking down. But at times, solitude turns to loneliness. We don’t notice the change but it is the cause of depression, of sinking into complete darkness. Loneliness sucks on our soul while solitude moulds it.
We can never feel good when we are lonely and it is only in those times that we are the most vulnerable.
Right now I am sitting on the wall and writing but sir has arrived so I got to go.
Now at home, I am feeling the perfect bliss as I relax after studying organic chemistry and raking my brain with rules and names. Sigh!
Coming back to my discussion, I have tried both loneliness and solitude. The difference is that in loneliness, your eyes threaten to let the traitor tears come out while in solitude you are happy and a smile decorates your face. Do try it out sometimes. Its good.
Have a nice day ahead 🙂

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