Why I wrote on a Beggar …

Ok. Here goes. There were many reasons why I chose beggar as one of my many topics. First was that hardly anyone chooses such a topic for poetry and I don’t blame them. I decided to write on it for its uniqueness. Second was that while shopping with my mother once, I saw a beggar sitting on the amirakadal bridge exactly as I have described him. He was scratching his head, he had holes in his shoes ( I wrote in my poem that he had three but I didnt exactly count them. 😉 Imagine his surprise!). Also, the other part of the lady in red and the old man with the smile, they are a product of my imagination. I imagined them and wrote it all. Well thats all I suppose. There was nothing spectacular idea about it. But if you read it and compare, we are somewhat beggars too but we are begging something else entirely than that poor beggar I saw on that bridge.   :).   I am sure my reasons are not what you expected but this is it. Really.

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