The reason for writing “I will Burn the Ground you Walk on!”

This poem reflects violence and vengeance. Its my way of plotting an imaginary revenge to all those who hurt me in the past, who are hurting me now and who will hurt me in future. I wrote this poem to lower my anger level. Last week I was so angry at certain people for the trouble they gave me and I wanted to spit it out. So I started writing and the result is in front of you. I am not a violent person. The only violence I have shown is killing mosquitoes by spraying HIT on them while smiling in vengeance.
This poem is what I would like to do to those horribly mean people who dont care about others. I would love to chain them up and tell them where they were wrong, what they do hurts people and I would love to make them realize how mean and horrible they are.
Sadly, we cannot do that either and so I imagine my revenge through these poems. I love words! They give an identity to ideas no matter how foul or how beautiful they are.
They put to life all that is in us, giving voice to our inner thoughts. They speak while they are written. The written word is the most powerful thing and I am gald that I write, whether boring or not. But I write and it makes me feel better.

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