Multi Faced.

I have no idea how people manage to have so many personalities and change them according to their preferences or interests. Pure selfish and evil I would call such people. Impersonating someone they are not just for the sake of their profit is such a degrading act. Yet it does not bother them. How many times have I been led into their traps, I have lost count. Sigh!
This world is filled with multi-faced people. They are perfect in changing their faces that we dont realize whether they are good or not. Such pokerface that one is stunned and amazed at their confidence at lying for their benifit. Pretending to be your friend just because they want something from you and when they succeed, they automatically turn away. Its a kashmiri proverb “tche ne kanh te be ne kanh.”.
Such people have reduced friendship and relationships to dust. These words no longer move us the way they used to only because of their treachery.
They torture other people. Its a warning to stay away from these people as they are liars, thieves ( in many cases, you might be surprised), distrustful, misleading, dishonest, disloyal, evil, grudge holders, avengers etc etc etc. The list is endless. You might be surprised to see someone who used to stick to you like anything, suddenly turns his back on you. Its common these days. Life has degraded to dust and ash. There is no concept of honesty, people feel free to lie whenever they want, wherever they want and to whomever they want. They are so much perfect at deceiving people that even the lie detectors wont work on them. They lie to their parents without the slightest bit of guilt. I am sure something called conscience would stir in them at these moments but they would suppress it and laugh it off. Sigh!
Basically, they are afraid. Afraid to face their conscience. They easily succumb to the temptations available in this world.
Such is the state of today’s youth. No morality, no manners, no courtesy, nothing. Terrible, just terrible!

But where there is evil, good will always rise up against it. We all cannot be heroes but there is always a little courage, a little daring self who can move mountains, split oceans ( metaphorically ofcourse 😉 ).
All we have to do is let our inner selves out. Hear what it says and follow the voice. It will always lead you where you want to be. Carefree. Unburdened. Bold. No fear. Nothing! Just peace … And here I say “INnEr PeaCe”!
Until we reach that stage, we have to fight, fight with our evil side, fight and rebel against the temptations that lure us along the wrong path! Its difficult yet fruitful!

Posted from Shifa Naseer’s phone 🙂


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