A Sunny Bright New Day

As I opened my eyes, I saw the beams of the sun scattered everywhere. My room, my bed, even my face. I closed my eyes once again and relished the warmth of the sun after the chilly night air! A bright new day!

Philosophically, we may think it is a new beginning, a new start. A new chance to start again and rectify the past misdeeds. A new day full of opportunities and we must get out of bed to pursue them! All this is quite appealing and gets us out of the bed as quick as anything. But is it really what it seems?

From my point of view, i.e. The side of reality, there is no fresh beginning, no new start, no opportunities to grab. Sorry to burst your bubble, our new day is not new but only the continuation of yesterday.
Be realistic, if there was a fresh start, then why do we have to do the same work we did yesterday. If there were fresh and appealing opportunities, why don’t they come when we leave the house. Now you might be thinking that we have to look for them, work hard to acheive them. I agree, I totally agree! But how does it corelate to a fresh new day offering a fresh start.
This is the real case: our lives are monotonous! We live the same as yesterday and will continue doing so until the end with a few minor changes.
Philosophy tampers with a person’s mind, makes them believe things that are not true! It forces them to live under a mirage. A new day is simply nature’s way of telling us that time is passing from day to night and from light to dark. There is no fresh start of life, no new chances, no new life!
Don’t believe in philosophy as it leads to disappointment. Don’t complicate life! It is tangled enough without us adding a few knots here and there. Be true to yourself and see straight. Don’t try to read between the lines because you won’t find anything there except disappointment.

Posted from Shifa Naseer’s phone 🙂


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