One Gets Tired After All

How much can a person really endure ?
This question comes to all of us almost everyday. But as always, it remains unanswered. We humans at times feel that we are helpless! We feel like killing ourselves, just to end the turmoil of pain and hurt. But surprisingly we live, we breathe and if we don’t fight, we drift through it. In the end, we live!
Live to bear yet another burden, live to die another day!
Our life os a constant struggle between happiness and sadness, life and death, good and bad, right and wrong! We are free to choose for ourselves.
Life offers us opportunities, both destructive and constructive. It is upto us what we choose! Good leads to right and right leads to happiness which in turn leads to life. On the other hand, bad leads to wrong and wrong leads to sadness which in turn leads to death! We cannot escape the consequences of our decisions! The right decisions are the most difficult to take and heaviest load to carry. Eventually, it will lead to good and you will never regret it. So always take the right decision and stick to it. It always calls for sacrifices, on a meagre scale or big ones. One should make those sacrifices to get the peace of mind! No sacrifice is too small to give up inner peace! Dont be afraid to lose or to fall as life always picks you back up, cleans you and sets you along your way! So trust, believe and follow your instincts!

Posted from Shifa Naseer’s phone 🙂


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