Attitude Problem ???

Maximum people think that people who keep to themselves have attitude ! It is quite hilarious to know a person who isn’t haughty has been tagged as one who has a major attitude problem ! Today I will explain the difference between attitude and being reserved !
A person who is reserved does not talk to people just like that ! That person analyses and then decides whether to talk or not ! Lets be honest ! This is kashmir and here a person cannot talk to another person without a reason!
A person who does not talk to strangers is quite wise as it has been advised time and again that one should not talk to strangers !
Now a person who has a “major attitude” problem is an entirely different matter ! We can deduce that from the fact that a person who walks with nose in the air, thinks highly of himself, believes others unworthy of his attention and brags to his so called friends about things ! Now that is what we call craze and attitude !
A person who walks with his head down and hardly talks to people, is not what we call attitude ! It is in that person’s nature to behave that way ! Maybe he has been taught to talk less and listen more !
As we know, we only have one mouth and two ears ! Did you ever wonder why that is ??
It is because we are meant to talk less and listen more! The less a person talks, the more he listens, the more he learns and the more he gains !

Would you believe that I have been told time and again that people who are newly acquainted with me used to think I have attitude and that I hardly ever talked to people and I had craze and blah blah blah !
It makes me laugh as to how easily people make their opinions about people !


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