Optimism and Hope go Hand in Hand

This post is for all those who think that I am an emotional wreck ! It may seem that I may have signs of depression but it is not so ! I am not depressed, sad maybe but totally not depressed !
I do look at the brighter side of life ! Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get up in the morning and do all the stuff that we people do !
Deep down I have enough hope to keep me alive ! But its only on the surface that I find myself dangling! I believe that if I have hope, I definitely do possess optimism ! I too am capable of happy thoughts !

A person filled with hope is the luckiest as well as a very unlucky person ! On one hand, he easily believes in things as he has hope of them being true ! But on the other hand, if it turns out to be false or a charade, it hurts the person a lot and his hopes are shattered ! Not for long though ! His hopes renew themselves from their ashes and mould themselves once again into beautiful dreams and wishes ! The person is not at fault ! His hopes lead him into such realms of his heart from where he never wishes to return ! Optimism builds a person, shapes and moulds his thinking! He starts seeing things in new light and develops a perspective of his own ! He starts observing the brighter side of the moon and hardly acknowledges the dark part of it which receives no light at all !
We may compare those with hopes and belief with the brighter side of the sun and those without hopes and optimism as dead parts of the moon lapsed into complete darkness.
I am somewhere in between ! I feel hope in my veins but the throbbing pain in my heart is a constant reminder of the danger that hoping may put me into. So Alongwith giving up … I believe and hope … Hope to see a better tomorrow and belief that it will happen !

Shifa Naseer


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