My faults … A summary !

Ok now reading all my posts may give you the impression that I am a perfect girl but that is not the case even though I wish it were. My shortcomings and weaknesses are more than of anybody else’s.
First things first, even though I have lost a lot but I still have so much, I disregard it at times and pity myself. I don’t like that attitude ! At all ! And i feel mortified after that!
Also I am lazy, as lazy as I can ever be ! I only do my work when driven to extremes and at the last minute only! I wish I were more active and not waste my time leisurely ! At times when I am sure of myself, I do something which surprises even me !
I have anger issues ! I am working on it but at times it slips and I hurt other people in the process and it saddens me ! I always try not to hurt people but my anger makes that difficult. I have the habit of retorting back, whosoever that may be ! I used to be patient but now my patience has run out ! I am so impatient, it annoys me as well!
That means I annoy other people too !
Also I say whatever is in my mind and regret it later! I hate that regret ! Lately, everything bothers me! Whatever anybody says or does, bothers me !
I am forgetful. I forget to do things which I was supposed to do ! It really annoys my friends (which are only a handful) and my mom! But I cannot help it, can i ?
So thats all I can come up with !
I am still in bed so I better get up otherwise mom will kill me ! Will add to the above list later !ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


19 thoughts on “My faults … A summary !

  1. Well i bleev in wat i say but time and life are so mean they haunt me n keep gloatin on me evry sec n dats y i just tawk crap and do nuffn..i’m just a loser i guess

  2. Cuz when you aint perfct you gota reason to strugle n strive for..n deze fyngs make us who we r..n to b perfct u eida gota b a prophet or God and we r its betta to b human n strugle to make ourslf betta..

      1. Oh my…I hope not! I believe love is just as powerful as the hate. I think if we each put a bit more effort into love each day, we could have a beautiful world. I am old—almost 65—I have seen a lot, I, also, have made many mistakes. I have found when I am angry, it is really because I have no peace inside. I am angry because I want to be acknowledged as a person. I am angry because I hurt…I hurt from so much rejection and losses…but when I sift through it all…and try to be still in the QUIET I come to rest in the Breath of God. It is not easy to meditate—each day we must continue to work on it—but, if we are faithful to it, we will find our true self…and we will have some peace. I am NOT trying to preach to you–I am just relaying to you what has helped me…You can be of any religion or spirituality and still mediate in the QUIET. Have you ever read Thich Nhat Hahn’s book, MINDFULNESS?
        You might want to. Blessings to you! And do NOT be so hard on yourself! You are a good person! You have a conscience…you reflect on what you think and do…Many people do not…but as a consequence, you are beating yourself up. YOU do NOT need to do that! Enough people in the world will do that for you! Be gentle with yourself…”for you are no less than the trees and the stars and you have a right to BE here…”(Desiderata)

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