Backbiting (URGH)

This is one of the many things that I hate or loathe you can say ! Backbiting, one of the many vices of humans, is a very shameful act. People who backbite don’t realize that what they are doing is wrong. It’s treacherous! I cannot believe that a person who seems to be nice to a person actually talks about that person behind his back !
This world is filled with people who backbite! These people are spiteful and conceited. They think that it’s fun to discuss people, make fun of them, say mean things about them ! Who has given them the right to discuss people! Who do they think they really are ! Even if a person who is being discussed is really bad still does not justify that they will talk about that person !
I never discuss people! My mind is always preoccupied with so many things that I never concern myself with what’s happening in other people’s lives. To be true, I don’t even care ! People ask me questions about my life and stuff but I never ask about there lives because i don’t want to listen but still those people tell me irrelevant things that drag on and on. They don’t even realize that I am not listening ! They are way too happy while discussing other people to notice my lack of interest in what they have to say .
I cannot really imagine as to how they manage to get in so much information about other people! I hardly remember my own life events! They know the whole life history of another person. ( shaking my head). They don’t realize how many people they hurt during this process. Its a bad bad habit! Talking and discussing people.

Pretending to be your friend but actually hate you so much that they tell all your stuff to other people without giving a second thought to your trust and belief !
Sigh ! This is today’s situation! Pitiful and filled with such bad impressions which have a bad effect on our lives!

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