It boils my blood when …

I would like to reflect on people’s personalities this time. I am a good judge of character (well almost). I am a person who tries her best not to hurt anybody or make anyone cry even if it causes me a spot of bother. I try ! I always try to make people happy. It is a very tiresome thing to do! It’s not easy to make people laugh when they feel like crying. I am more than willing to make them smile but all I ask in return is to talk properly. Most of the people we know are generally “moody” i.e. they talk to you only when they feel like it and when they don’t feel like it, they ignore you like they never knew you ! That is the worst thing you can put a person through. Not talking and neither telling the person why he is being treated like that !

It boils my blood i.e. it makes me very very angry when a person who is supposed to be your good friend stops talking to you for no reason at all. And after a while comes to talk like nothing has been going on. People do that to me all the time, I don’t know why ! I can never get used to being treated so cruelly. It literally kills me while I think as to what I really did for them to behave this way. It really doesn’t even bother them that I get hurt too. The fact that I don’t show that I am hurt doesn’t mean that I don’t feel bad when someone treats me like dirt. I can never imagine not talking to a person just because I feel bad about something. I always make sure that the other person is not noticing that I am not in a good mood.

If I can make myself smile even in my ugliest moments, why cannot I expect the same from others. I don’t need any favors! All I want is for them to treat me as I deserve.  It BOILS my blood when people become moody ! I hate their behavior and I pity them for this shortcoming as they don’t realize how many people they hurt due to their personality disorder !





4 thoughts on “It boils my blood when …

  1. first of all, i’d like to say that can truly judge another person’s character, nobody,today people , no matter how nice and sweet they may seem, at some point in life or the other , do such things that shock us , things that we’d have never even imagined…..i know such i think what you should do is let go of such people from your life so that they don’t become the reason for you getting hurt…

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