Lesser the Expectations, the Better !

Most of us, well almost all of us do one thing which is a quite common thing to do. We “Expect”. We pin our hopes on something or someone and it never turns out to be what we desire. So we expect, spin it to a high gear and finally come crashing to the ground. All we are left with a damp spirits and bump on the head (hypothetically).

It’s only human nature that we expect things from people. Why should people live up to our expectations ?
They are not bound to us. They have no obligations towards us. Then why do we form fantasies in our minds when we know that its not possible. No answer to that question, is there ?

We follow a cycle : we expect, we break, we make and then again expect. Life is based on hope. Hope to see a better future, hope to have a brighter tomorrow even if the present is lulled in darkness. Now hope is always followed by disappointment. Well most of the time! The actual miracle of life is that we resurface even after the most deadly disappointments with more energy and vigor to hope, to trust and to expect!

Who can believe that a fragile human who can be killed by anything, who is an vulnerable as anything, can have so much capacity to bear the weight of disappointments. I, for instance, have so many disappointments in life that I have actually stopped counting. Like other fools of people, I too hope to get what I want and seriously it is never what I expected. Expectations are crushed and smashed and squashed and pressed until they are just a mere distant prospect.

There’s nothing we can do, is there? We cannot fight our own nature. All we can do is hope (ironically) because without hope we cannot do a single thing. There should be desire in our hearts to achieve something even if we can’t achieve it. Just keeping the flame of hope alive, we can at least drift through life. Though not peacefully, but we will.
So expect less, feel less and live more (wink)


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