The Last …

For a person who is dying, death is more painful rather than for someone whom death takes by surprise ! A person who knows that he’s dying, dies every single second of his remaining life. Each second passing means his death coming closer. For him, everything becomes his last. The last year of his life, the last month of his last year, last day in this world of mortals, last hour of his life, last minute for his heart, last second of his breath ! And whoosh ! His breath leaves his lungs for the last time. His chest heaves for the last time. His body twitches for the last time and his family begins to see his body for the last time.
The person dies with everything he used to did with a label of “the last …”.
Its really awful !
Coming to my life (as usual), I was the only person who made my dad eat his dinner for the last time. I made him drink water for the last time. I helped tend to him in his fever for the last time. I was there when he took his last breath, standing next to his bed.
Everything related to my father has been done and made. Nothing else to look forward to! Only to back at the memories which fade with every passing day ! No matter how much we try, even the last memories will fade with time.


5 thoughts on “The Last …

  1. im really very sorry for your loss, both of you , really. I would also like to share my feelings. I don’t know what you would have gone through but i know one thing that death is a very BIG part of life itself. and we should always keep in mind that everybody has to die, all religions teach that, and someday or the other the people whom we love the most are also going to leave this world so what we should not do it let such an incident have a very negative effect on our lives ….all we can do is pray that they go to heaven … you guys must know better ….

    1. Thanks a lot Ram for your kind advice. Rightly life has to go on and we have to live for ourselves and people who mean to us.

  2. ASAK

    I have been a student of your dad, a great teacher and a nice human being. My mother passed away on 8th April 2010, around same time as Dr. Naseer. Unlike your dad my mother’s death was sudden. So I can tell you the other side of the story. I feel you were very lucky that you had the opportunity to spend so much time with your dad and could take care of him. I feel I was not as lucky as you. I live far far away. I was on an annual visit to my home. Just after 4 days of my arrival she passed away. But I thank almighty Allah that I got an opportunity to spend those last 4 golden days with her. Talking to her and sitting with her. I could gauge the importance of those 4 days only after she left.

    Secondly, I also noted your comment that ‘NIT seemed like home when you used to visit with your dad but now it is like any other college’. I have a similar feeling. For me visiting home now is not the same feeling as it used to be when mom was alive. Tears in my eyes!!!

    Thats life. We need to carry on. May Allah give us the strength to bear the pain. Aameen.

    Nissar Baeigh

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