I protest to do what you ask me to do !

Really which one of us likes to be dictated ? No one! We want to be free from anybody’s pressure ! We would appreciate if we were allowed to make our own decisions without any outside help! advice is always welcome but do we really need someone breathing down our necks trying to tell us what to do !?
NO … that is where I say “I protest!”
I have seen people bending to other people’s wishes ! I have seen friends cutting themselves out just because someone demanded something of them ! But is it really that important to keep others happy ? To give others more priority than your own self !
I am not saying that we should be selfish in our endeavors but I am saying that excess of everything is bad ! It even involves keeping others above than one’s own self !
Eventually a person is bound to give way while carrying other people’s burden ! My eyes have witnessed that !
One of my friends is in depression as she put someone’s wish before her, broke her friendship with her close friend for someone else, hurt herself and others and God knows how much she is in pain right now !
Now I know that we are teenagers and blah blah blah but our elders ought to realize that we are not those typical teenagers who like to be treated as adults ! Hell no ! I, for instance, would love if my family would continue to consider me the smallest child as I don’t want to grow up just yet ! I feel that I am not ready ! I know that many of us are older than our years and our elders need to realize that ! They ought to trust us which of course is a very hard thing for them to do !
Concluding my chatter, I would love to express the fact that I am responsible in most of my life’s decisions ! I only slip at times as I often forget things ! More than often actually which scares me ! I hope it passes with time and does not worsen ! I forget the passwords and then end up making new accounts. I forget to call people even when I promised to call them and then end up apologizing which is never enough. I forget ! That is a simple truth of my life ! sigh!
Anyways I just think that I hate when people dictate things to me ! I dont like that at all ! I have every right to exercise my free will and I will use it !
And you all should do it too…………………………………………..

shifa naseer

4 thoughts on “I protest to do what you ask me to do !

  1. i surf the internet a lot …just bumped into your blog..i had used word press a long time ago…its beautiful what you have written ..hopefully i’ll read some more later i hope they are not too personal?

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