My Life and my opinions about it

It has been my exams since I last updated my blog and I know that hardly anybody follows it but still I want to apologize for the delay (being professional)

Alright then !
I never write about myself and I really am not in the habit of expressing myself directly ! This is my first attempt at writing something that I feel worth sharing !

My life has been a constant struggle ! I am not complaining but just accepting the fact with logic that life can never be fair, for me or for anybody else!
Looking back, I feel that I lived my life to the fullest until now ! When people say that one should live life to the fullest by finding happiness even in the saddest moments or in the darkest times! I did the same! I found ways to smile when people expected me to be crushed under the weight of my sorrows and problems !
I am not self centred as many might get the impression because I dont write anything other than what is related to me ! But the truth is we can never talk so much about any person ! All the lines come from a person’s heart and are their very own and original !
I am not an expert towards the various happenings in our lives and neither am I prepared to face them without fear ! But I have developed tolerance to stand and not buckle whenever a problem comes my way !
I have seen people being crushed by the smallest griefs ! The grief for them may be very heavy but I believe that people who have seen much, much worse find them petty ! That is not a good way to see things ! Everyone has a capacity to bear pain ! Mine has been stretched as far as it can go and I am surprised that I have survived to witness it.
Life put before me death ! Several times while I was growing up ! Taught me how to survive a loved one’s death ! But never taught me to be prepared for it.
Life is a school, we are the students and death is the teacher ! The best possible way to judge life which has been a mystery to the people since ancient times …

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