Times of my life with Sanna

This is something which I want to share with everyone. The most amazing part of my life is friendship with Sanna Nazir Wani. We have absolutely nothing in common except our initials (S & N) . We are like two poles! We have many differences but inspite of them we are friends since we entered Presentation Convent High School. Let me describe Sanna first !

Sanna Nazir was born on 27th April, 1995, exactly 9 days after I was born. She is most helpful and honest person I know. She accepts everyone as they are and never let’s anybody down ! Physically, she is as thin as a stick. She has beautiful hair which is now a short pony. She is shorter than me. 😛

Sanna was my friend till 2nd standard but after that we became inseparable ! I lived my life in convent with sanna. Ofcourse I had other friends as well but she continued to be my reliable friend. Through all these years, I never found anyone like her or who reminded me of her. I couldnt imagine my life in convent without sanna. Now that she has shifted to Delhi, I am alone in convent. I have friends there but none of them fill the gap! 😦  Sanna and I had the most funny times together. Let me tell you an incident which I would tell anyone who would give me a chance and sanna when you read this, you will burst out laughing. That much I can bet you !

We were in 6th standard and correction fluids were in demand during those days. Everyone got one !  I did too!  After around a few  weeks, sanna decided to get one too even though she was against its use. The day she brought it to school was the day correction fluids were banned in our school. A surprise check was conducted and all those who had correction fluids were taken out of the line. It was okay because I knew that they would give us an ultimatum and let us be. But sanna got hyper and started freaking out. She sat on the floor of the classroom and started crying loudly ! She literally screamed that she knew that she shouldnt have got the fluid in the first place. I was standing next to her, holding her hand and laughing silently to myself !  She honestly thought that we were going to be hanged for getting the fluid to school. I laughed so much that day !  I still remember vividly that day and sanna on the floor, throwing a tantrum ! hahahahha ..

So much time has passed since then!  Sanna and I grew up together. None of us was that typical teenager! We were always wrapped up in our own matters. We never knew what happened in our class. Sanna and I were never shuffled into different classes ever. I guess I have God to thank for it.

I remember we were in 7th standard and we were shuffled. Sanna and I were kept in different classes!  I was shocked and started crying. I was kept in the other section for two days. You have no idea how I survived those two days!  I prayed to God every night to keep me with Sanna again! And then on the third day, I got my wish!  I was told that there had been some mistake and I was in the other section in which sanna was !  🙂

This made me believe that sanna and I were true friends forever ! We never backstabbed  or lied to each other. We always supported one another and never got jealous of the other’s success like we see in most friendships especially among girls.

Sanna has been a very good friend to me or I should say excellent. She never left me alone if I was sad and neither did I leave her alone. But life is different now!  Everything has changed !  Now school doesnt feel like home anymore.

All we can do is live it out !


14 thoughts on “Times of my life with Sanna

  1. thngz may hv chngd……bt wat v hv will nvr chnge……distance only strengthenz a relation…….datz wat i believe……n i trust our frnshp mre thn anythn……no mtr wat hpnz or whr v are…..vll alwyz b wid each odr :))) :*

  2. awwwwww!!!!!! dis is so sweet…….itni tareef….woh bhi tmhare mun se….. 😀
    luv u shif……ur d bst frn i cud evr hv had……n ull owyz remain dat……..no one cn evr chnge dat……..ur d best thing in my life……

    p.s. i cnt beleive u wrote bout dat fluid stff!!!!!!
    i vll kill u!!!

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