Alizeh’s mother

Alizeh’s mother died when she was quite young. She doesnt remember her much, only a few blurry memories. Even those are fading now. Life is so testing ! She has lived her life without her mother who is a child’s intimate friend. She didnt have one when she wanted her to be there. But it was not her mother’s fault either. She was sick and suffered from a deadly disease. Fate was never known to be kind. She died and left behind a sad father and lonely three children.

I dont really know who she was but I feel that she was a wonderful lady with grace and a talent to bring smiles on everyone’s faces. A person to whom everyone would go for advice, the most loving person of the family.

I feel that those members of our family who are selfless and most loving and caring are the first ones to leave for heavenly abode. Yes, I would say heaven because she didnt want to leave her husband and children alone in this sadness stricken world.

She must’ve fought silently with her fate to let her be with her family. She must’ve prayed and begged to be spared !  Alas!  The wheel of destiny doesnt change its course and it took her with it. She protested and screamed, plead and begged !  But all to no avail. All I hope is that she is proud of what her children have become!  Marvelling at their success and rejoicing in their joys !  She knows that she wont be able to join them but still is content just to look at them from up and above !


Aliza just so you know : I’ll be there for you .


Shifa Naseer




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